Stage design
Que d'Espoir ! from Hanock Levin
The project:
Scenography for a theater play entitled: Que d'Espoir! Contemporary show based on Hanock Levin's skits. Created and performed by LA REX Compagnie. The company presented 6 performances in nov. 2011 in Charenton (Paris). Duration: 75min.

Stage director:
Daniel Rochko

Stage designer:
Gabrielle Lebreton

Malik Yammouni, Laetitia Sergent, Marie Vermeulin, Gabrielle Lebreton, Richard Perrin, Arnaud Idelot

Scenographical concept:
The theatre play consits of succession of skits. No unity of action, place and time but a fragmented combination. The theater play is a kind of an eclectic cabaret represented by a "pixel scenery". The cubes are made of carboard boxes and some of them are reinforced with cardboard tubes. So they can be used as seats for the performers.